The DxineHost Control Panel was designed to bring in enhancements to the popular web site administration interface. The earlier Control Panel leader – cPanel, was created back in the year 2000 and has not undergone a significant enhancement since that time. The DxineHost Control Panel is built on the concepts of today, delivering simplicity of use and intuitiveness to all web–site management responsibilities you could think of.

Move down and compare the two Control Panel interfaces, find out about their advantages and disadvantages and see which one of them could fit your demands the most.

1. Domain name/billing/website controls

With the DxineHost Control Panel you will be able to take care of all of your websites, domains and e–mail addresses from exactly the same place. You do not have to go with any extra invoicing or domain interfaces.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t feature concurrent handling of domain names and websites. You will be given one billing panel for your domains and invoices, and another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Arrangement

Managing various domain names and websites from a single web hosting account has to be easy. With the DxineHost Control Panel, every single domain name and subdomain is located in a distinct directory and is totally independent from the other.

If you decide to take care of a wide range of sites from one cPanel hosting account, it might be quite perplexing. You have just one principal web site and all of the additional websites and subdomains are going to be included into its folder as sub–directories. If you’d like to have a standalone directory for each individual site, you will have to log into different Control Panel tools for each.

3. File Manager

The DxineHost Control Panel offers an easy–to–navigate File Manager, which lets you post files by only dragging them in the Internet browser. You’ll have immediate access to all the functions by means of convenient right–click context menus. You should also make use of program code and WYSIWYG tools. All features are really simple to access.

The cPanel’s File Manager gives you reduced control of your files and directories. You’ll have trouble uploading a lot of files at the same time and will not have the capacity to drag and drop files since this capability is simply not included. An archive/unarchive function isn’t featured either. File modifying tools are also minimized in number.

4. No–cost Add–ons

The DxineHost Control Panel is operated by us and provides a huge set of cost–free bonuses that will normally cost over $1000 dollars with other suppliers. You will get access to many bonus layout themes, the Site Installer Tool, Web Application Installer, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a selection of Advanced Applications, etcetera.

The zero–cost bonuses packaged in the cPanel Control Panel could differ from N/A to a few. All of the free add–ons inside the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and are accessible on condition that your web hosting company has obtained a certification to provide them. So, if your service provider free–of–cost bonus features together with your package, they’ll definitely increase the value of the whole service.

5. Control Panel Interface Speed

We’ve improved the Control Panel to run flawlessly with our software and hardware exclusively. This will make it faster than alternative website management solutions. We have also configured it to

make usage of the whole capacity of your Internet access – the quicker your web connection is, the faster our Control Panel interface will work.

cPanel is still operating on a platform from a decade ago and will certainly be sluggish from time to time. The cPanel team of developers has completed a large step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. However, in evaluation experiments, popular web site managing operations typically show better outcomes with less popular Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain Control

The DxineHost Control Panel helps you easily manage a variety of web sites and their domains from a single place. Each individual web site will have its very own unique directory in the root of your website hosting account and will also be absolutely free from the rest. In this manner, you need utilize just one account to control as many domains and sites as you have.

If you try to accommodate numerous domains in a cPanel web hosting account, you will be facing a very perplexing folder structure. By default, cPanel website hosting accounts are designed to handle only one domain name. In this way, if you have to manage ten domains concurrently, for instance, you will need to configure 10 separate accounts. Otherwise, all extra domain names’ content files will be based in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

The DxineHost Control Panel is really straightforward to get around. You will have a handy top navigation menu, through which you will get to just about any part of the Control Panel, with no need to get back to the index page every time. In addition, we have included a simple statistics widget on the index page, so when you sign in, you’ll have a look at how many site visitors have recently gone to your site.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all available icons in the home page, which means it’s not at all personalized to your specific requirements. In addition, once you access a menu, you won’t be able to instantly move to another one and will have to get back to the home page instead. This sort of navigation could be very annoying for you, especially if you utilize a lot of Control Panel sections each time you update your sites.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

The DxineHost Control Panel has a full–featured demo cloud hosting account. All menus are around for you and you are able to work with them to create new mail accounts and data–bases, take care of your files, and so on. If you like how things look, you can join us right from our demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel provides a basic demo account that does not grant you access to the primary web–site managing tools you need to test. It’ll illustrate the way a common home page seems like and you’ll have access to a small percentage of all the featured menus. The other areas will be unavailable till you join.

We could include every function of our Site Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will be a lot quicker if you take a peek at our live demo account and see the real difference by yourself.

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